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What is betting?

Betting is an activity when we predict the outcome of an event and invest our money in the outcome we have predicted in order to make money on it.

When we base our prediction on statistics and serious analysis then we can talk about betting, when we base our investment on hope and happiness then it is gambling.

I do betting and data analysis, I don’t gamble, gambling is for losers.


A tracer is someone who finds or discovers something, someone or who finds a path.

Betting Tracer is a system that I and my associates have developed and is designed to find the best way to bet profitably.

Betting Tracer was developed as a startup intended for small and medium players.

The system is very flexible and is primarily intended for betting exchange.

Betting Exchange is the only serious reliable way to make money successfully from betting.

Of course you can use our analyzes for whatever betting method you want, but you will get the maximum if you use it for betting ekchange.

Everything that is written here or on my blog is my thoughts and my experience, so my advice to you is not to believe anything without checking.

Take advantage of the trial period offered to you and check everything I told you.

Thank you for visiting our website, our blog and even more if you paid for one of our services.

I hope the cooperation will be to the mutual satisfaction.


Vidich Zoran

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Vidich Zoran
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